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EterniTrees | Biodegradable Urns to Trees

The Essence of your loved one becomes the HEART of the tree.

Oakview Memorials is a proud distributor of "EterniTrees". EterniTrees contains a unique mix that aids in the release of beneficial plant nutrients, which are found in cremated ashes. By themselves, ashes are harmful to plants' health and well being.

However, by planting our EterniTrees urn which contains our tree seeds that you've selected, along with your loved one's cremains, you cultivate a mixture that nourishes and sustains your memorial tree.

Release those you cherish to Mother Nature's nourshing arms with an EterniTrees urn, replacing grief with the inner peace and beauty through nature's gift of continous renewal.

EterniTrees comes with a 100% growth quarantee. We ensure that there is enough medium as well as nutrient compounds to neutralize the cremains negative effcts, bringing out the positive elements, which allow the seeds to be nourished and to thrive. In the unlikely event that the tree does not grow or an animal eats the sapling, you may choose to have us send you replacement seeds and growth medium or if seasonally available, we may send an actual seeding, which you can plant on the initial burial site, allowing the nutrients of your loved one to become the heart of the tree.

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