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Memorial Cemetery Benches

Cemetery Memorial Benches

Where to Start & What to Expect.

Memorialization of our loved ones isn't a subject most discuss prior to the actual need. Most don't know where to start or what to expect. Not only does Oakview Memorials provide the most sincere service we also provide affordable prices to capture how we would like our loved ones memorialized. The link below gives a brief overview of how this process will unfold. If you have any questons please use one of the many contact methods listed through out our website.

 Headstone Ordering Process 

Cremation Cemetery Benches

At Oakview Memorials, we take pride in the little things that separates us from our competitors. You'll notice in the image to the left, the difference between a flat carving and a shaped carving. We Always engrave our designs as shape carvings at no additional charge, unless a flat carving is requested. This is often a detail that most monument companies leave out of decisions when giving prices to families. We fully understand that most families do not know all the "ins" and "outs" when it comes to purchasing a memorial, that's why you'll notice that no other monument company will have as much information on their sites as we try to provide on ours. Through this information we try to educate our families when it comes to making such a lasting purchase.

Harp Leg Bench

Placed in Christ Church in Philadelphia.


Cremation Bench #2002

Placed in Congressional Cemetery in DC.


Cremation Bench #2002

Placed in Congressional Cemetery in DC.


Harp Leg Bench

Jet Black Harp Sharp Leg Bench with Base.


Curved Seat Bench

Georgia Gray Curved Seat Bench.


Hour Glass Leg Bench

Jet Black Hour Glass Leg Cemetery Bench.


Park Style Bench

Park bench style memorial bench.


Angel Cremation Bench

Angel Statue on Cremation Bench.


Straight Leg Bench

Straight Leg Cemetery Bench.


Curved Seat w/round legs

Curved seat with round leg supports.


Boulder support Bench

Cremation Bench with max 2 cremation core holes.


Cremation Bench #2001

Shown in Jet Black with Tapered matching vase.


Cremation Bench #2019

Shown in White Pearl with max 4 cremation holes.


Cremation Bench #2020

Polished Top Seat with tapered cremation support.


Cremation Bench #2001

All Polished Seat with curved tapered support.


Cremation Bench #2007

All Polished Seat with Cremation Hole support.


Crematin Bench #2010

All Polished Seat with 2 Cremation Hole Legs.


Cremation Bench #2011

Seat top w/scooped family name with round leg.


Cremation Bench #2013

Oval All Polished Seat with round leg supports.


Cremation Bench #2014

Shown in Gray with Base.


Cremation Bench #2017

Slight tampered leg Cremation Bench.


Cremation Bench #2018

Shown in Autumn Rose, directly engraved in polish.


Cremation Bench #2019

Georgia Gray direct polish engraving.


"S" Shape Seat Bench

Straight Leg, "S" Shaped Seat.


Cremation Bench #2010

Shown in Autumn Rose. Fully engraved.


Cremation Bench #2000

Pre-Need only family name engraved.


Cremation Bench #2006

Placed in Cemetery on oversized concrete pad.


Bench Core Holes

Shown with 4 Core Holes with canisters.


Bench Core Holes

Shown with Seat removed with urn in place.


Park Style Bench

Shown in Morning Rose color.


Cremation Bench

Shown closed with no engraving.


Cremation Bench #2002

Shown with panel removed showing 2 full sized urns.


Park Style Bench

Shown in Georgia Gray. Picture is Dark.


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